Find out what some of our other customers have to say about our Leather Furniture!

About Leather Depot Furniture

Leather Depot's leather furniture experts have over 30 Years Experience with leather furniture while working with Lane, Stratford/Stratolounger, and Simmons Bedding, and enjoy many contacts in the furniture industry to help you even more. Our American leather furniture is handcrafted expressly for you, delivered factory-direct in 4-6 weeks, backed by an exclusive lifetime warranty, made with 100% full top-grain leather and kiln-dried hardwood frames, and of course Made in America.

Reasons Leather Depot is No.1

Leather Depot specializes exclusively in made-to-order leather furniture. We
do it better and faster than anyone else, and have been delighting customers
for years. Find out what some of them had to say!

Here are 9 reasons why Leather Depot is one of America's best retailers of leather furniture.

  1. We represent quality brands.
  2. We offer the finest custom-built leather furniture available at direct pricing.
  3. Our furniture meets the highest standards of production and design.
  4. All of our pieces are built in America, home to
    some of the most skilled craftspeople in the world.
  5. All of our furniture is built with kiln dried hardwood frames.
  6. Comfortable, durable cushions provide the strongest most
    luxurious seating possible.
  7. Our products come with an outstanding warranty.
  8. For over thirty years we have been involved in the furniture industry and we look forward to sharing our vast experience with you.
  9. We want the Leather Depot name to be associated with high quality, great comfort, and stylish design.

Our Commitment to You
We do everything we can to offer better leather furniture products in the market place. We also seek out suppliers who use improved materials, and add features and construction details that others have taken out over the years. We always offer top qualify leather furniture products.

We honor all of our supplier's warranties and more. Our products are guaranteed. No fine print. No arguments. We mean exactly what we say: GUARANTEED. PERIOD.

We believe what is best for our customer is best for us. Everyone here understands that concept. Our sales and service people are trained to know our products, and to be friendly and helpful. They are urged to take all the time necessary to take care of you.

We deliver all special orders faster than anyone we know of.

Pricing Philosophy
We price our products fairly and honestly. We do not, have not, and will not participate in the common retailing practice of inflating mark-ups to set up a future phony "sale."

We are able to sell leather furniture at fairer prices because we have placed our contracts with manufacturers who have proved that they are cost conscious, efficient, and provide good investment values for you.

We are able to sell leather furniture at fairer prices because we operate efficiently. We support no fancy emporiums with their high overhead. Our people are hard working, intelligent, and share in the success of the company.

Thank you for shopping with Leather Depot.